NATURAL Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit-used for drains, fruit flies and odors

NATURAL Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit-used for drains, fruit flies and odors

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Welcome to a chemical free cleaning kit for clogged drains, drain odors, and fruit flies.  Also included is a multi purpose cleaner for your hard surfaces! Fruit Fly Solution and drain cleaner is here!

Our products are all made here in the USA!  We even have our plastic molds made in Ohio.  You should know where your products are manufactured.  Try reviewing a few other brands, you will not find where they are made.


1 four oz Drain CPR.  Directions:  After clearing your drain as much as possible from matter, pour this solution into your drain at night.  Let the product work for a 24 hour period to eat away at organic clogs.  The bacteria clings to fats and oils, and slowly digests them. 

4 InSink Balls.  Place these balls in hand sinks.  When you wash your hands, the water will run over the compound in the ball and be released into your drains.  The bacteria will again go to work, digesting all organic materials.

2 Bath and Shower Buddys.  These larger size disks with compound, are used for showers and utility sinks.  The patented design allows water to flow over the top, and releases the bacteria into your drains.

1 quart of Simple All Purpose Cleaner.  Clean counters, sinks and toilets, tile floors, garage floors.  This product can even be used to spot clean the outside of boats and cars.  Removes dirt, oils and grease.  Not recommended on granite, as it may leave a residue.  No need to rinse.

This product has the EPA safer choice label.  What does that mean?

Finding cleaning and other products that are safer for you, your family, and the environment should be easy — that’s why the EPA developed their new Safer Choice label.

EPA Safer Choice recognition does not constitute an EPA endorsement of the product.

What does the Safer Choice label mean?

Products have to pass the EPA’s stringent criteria in order to earn the Safer Choice label.

The EPA also looks at product performance, pH, packaging and more to ensure that products with the label are safer for you and your family.

Once a product meets the Safer Choice Standard, the EPA conducts annual audits to ensure the EPA’s standards continue to be met.

Every ingredient must meet strict safety criteria for both human health and the environment, including carcinogenicity, reproductive/developmental toxicity, toxicity to aquatic life, and persistence in the environment.

This means that Safer Choice-labeled products are safer for:

• You and your family



•The Environment

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Safer Choice restricts VOC content to minimize indoor air pollution and associated respiratory concerns.

We live in a fast paced world, and want everything fixed now.  When it comes to all natural products, they are not loaded with chemicals and corrosive materials.  Sure you can buy drain opener from the big box store, but do you know that drain opener can also eat away at your pipes? What happens with that drain opener once it reaches the sewers?  Natural products will take longer to work. This is especially true when it comes to clogged drains.  That drain did not get clogged over night.  There will be months or even years of build up in those slow moving drains.  That is why we recommend clearing the drain of as much debris as possible, before use. 

Please keep in mind that our products ARE NOT a magic bullet.  Clean drains and regular use of our products is crucial for the outcome we all want.  You may be tempted to buy that bottle of $14.99 drain opener from your local store.  DON'T.  Even if you do not use our products, do not use corrosive ingredients and sulfuric acid to open drains.  They may perform wonders at first, but let me tell you what actually occurs.

That drain opener eats through your clog, and pushes it down to the next open spot in the drain line.  At that point it will begin to congeal, and it will eat away at pipes.  Guess what?  The same problem will reoccur over and over until you are replacing pipes.

Yes, our products take longer.  BUT, they are safe, they will NEVER harm your drains, and you do not have to dress in a hazmat suit to use them!

These same products are being used in hospitals, restaurants, and universities.  If they are good enough to be used commercially, why not be able to use them in your home.  Your home is your biggest investment, as well as your family.